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KenyaEMR can be installed in the following ways


  • OpenMRS 1.9.7

If you do not have a suitable OpenMRS installation, then you can follow these instructions for Installing OpenMRS.


Don't install the demo data during OpenMRS installation as this will conflict with the metadata included in KenyaEMR. There should be no pre-existing data in OpenMRS prior to installation.

Installing from a distribution release


Some of the modules included in KenyaEMR require the scheduler.username and scheduler.password global properties to be set correctly. If these are not set correctly you may end up locked out of OpenMRS.

Distribution releases are available from this Google Drive folder. Each release consists of two archives - the distro and the SQL dump containing the required concepts for that release.

  1. Stop Tomcat
  2. Extract the concepts SQL dump file from the SQL archive. Run this on the OpenMRS database which you will use with KenyaEMR
  3. Delete all existing omods from your OpenMRS modules folder
  4. Extract the distro archive into your OpenMRS modules folder
  5. Start Tomcat