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About Our IRC Bot

OpenMRSBot is our automated assistant in the #OpenMRS IRC channel on Freenode. The bot, based on the open source Supybot platform, is available to assist with several handy tasks, some of which are described here.

Command in IRC ChannelDescription
!seen user
Asks the bot to report when it last saw user in the current channel.
!scrumon user
Identifies the start of a scrum standup meeting, listing user as the Scrum Master.
Identifies the end of a scrum standup meeting.

For more details on Supybot, consult its full documentation.


We are also running MeetBot, a Supybot plugin for IRC meeting notetaking. You can use MeetBot for taking notes and minutes during your IRC-based meetings. Several important commands to use MeetBot are described below. The full manual for MeetBot describes all its functionality.

Command in IRC ChannelDescription
#startmeeting Description of meeting topic.

Starts a meeting. The user issuing the command becomes the first chair of the meeting. If any text is given on the rest of the line, this becomes the temporary topic of the IRC channel.

#chair user1 user2
Add one or more users to the list of meeting chairs, allowing them to also use MeetBot commands during th meeting.
#unchair user1 user2
Remove one or more users from the list of meeting chairs. The original chair (who started the meeting) can not be removed until the meeting is ended.
#topic Description of meeting sup-topic.
Add a sub-topic of discussion to the temporary topic in the IRC channel. This is also used in the notes/minutes.
#info Sentence describing something.
Adds an informational bullet point to the meeting minutes under the current sub-topic. This can be whatever you feel is important to be captured in the meeting.
#link is a useful site.
Adds a link and an optional description to the meeting minutes under the current sub-topic.
#idea Description of your idea.
Adds something to the minutes as an idea for future action, under the current sub-topic.
#help Description of what help is needed.
Adds a call for help on a given issue under the current sub-topic.
#agreed Description of some action that was agreed to.
If the meeting agrees on a certain item, it can be described in this way and will be listed under the current sub-topic.
#accepted Description of some issue that was accepted.
If the group accepts some proposal, it can be described in this way and will be listed in the meeting minutes.
#meetingname friendlynameofmeeting
This is used for the saved meeting's URL to make it easier to find. If not used, the IRC channel name will be used in the URL instead.
Ends the meeting, saves and publishes logs, resets the original IRC channel topic, and disables MeetBot until next use.