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The page suggests attributes best suited for patient matching. I need to discuss with the mentors whether these suggested attributes are “Should Match” attributes or “Must Match” attributes or a mixture of both. Anyway, when the user clicks on “Get suggested attributes”, the resulting page contains all the attributes with the suggested attributes selected. The user can add to (and delete from) suggested attributes and then save the strategy. The resulting page would look something like:

The user has the facility to give the suggested strategy a strategy name, to modify the suggested strategy and to save the strategy.

Coding Assignment

Following was the assignment given by Gaurav Paliwal to me:

Write a small java program that read an XML file (a.XML) at a user defined location that location is inturn specified inside another XML file (b.XML) that is located in the same directory where your other java program files are.

Please host your code on github. Also commit code in github every hours. I want to see how you approach this assignment step by step, so commit early commit often.

My solution to the above assignment is hosted here: .