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Every week, several new volunteer contributors approach the OpenMRS community to get started doing programming work. We have quite a bit of material available for new developers to help them get started, but it's poorly organized and some of it is out of date. In this project, you'd work with our community and engineering teams to re-structure and improve this material. You'll work with recently-started volunteer developers to help understand what kind of challenges they have and help to provide resources that answer those questions and problems.

Additionally, OpenMRS users often face challenges is using some of the popular add-on modules to extend the functionality of the system. The OpenMRS Reporting add-on module allows people who implement and use our software to build customized reports for colleagues, funding organizations, governmental agencies, etc. This module is extremely useful and valuable to our users, but the current documentation and resources for using it are somewhat difficult to understand. This project will also improve and expand upon the existing resources by organizing the current documentation, and working closely with users of the Reporting module to describe the key aspects of getting started and creating reports with its tools.

Project Champions

~bmamlinBurke Mamlin


  • Update and create incremental improvements to the OpenMRS "Implementers Guide" book on
  • Identify and create documentation improvements for the OpenMRS Reporting Module documentation on the OpenMRS wiki, including optional video presentations or other multimedia materials.
  • Create a standalone "Getting Started for Developers" book on, using the existing implementers guide as a resource.