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When to use this module

The Concept Proposal Module (CPM) is for OpenMRS users that have created 1 or more new concepts in their local install of the concept dictionary, and believe that others would find it useful. 


The CPM also allows a user to send their new concept/s directly to another user, for example if they think only a few people would benefit from it. This option is not recommended, but there are instructions for doing that down the bottom of this page.


The CPM module is actually made up of two modules - Proposal and reviewer. 


To review concepts: install the Proposal and Review modules. 


Submitting a concept proposal

These instructions assume that you have already created 1 or more concepts in your local dictionary.


The CPM allows the proposer and reviewer to maintain a conversation via comments within the CPM. 

Reviewing a concept proposal

New proposals will appear under the 'Review proposals' tab.


  • comment on individual concepts within a proposal
  • accept an individual concept (for inclusion into the dictionary) - this asks the reviewer to link it to the newly created concept 
  • link a proposed concept within a proposal to an existing concept in the dictionary 
  • reject a concept within a proposal
  • delete an entire proposal


A proposal can be: 

  • Open / Submitted
  • Closed
  • Deleted (by reviewer)
  • Does not exist in reviewer database (a bug)


  • Open
  • New: <concept link>
  • Existing: <concept link>
  • Rejected


Submitting a proposal directly to another user (not recommended)

In the Settings tab, there's an option to enter the IP address of the target reviewer. By default this is set to XXXXXX. If you would like to submit your concept/s directly to another OpenMRS user, you will need to enter their IP address here.