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OpenMRS 2.x is generally released on top of the latest stable release line of the openmrs-core codebase the OpenMRS Platform at the time of its release (e.g. OpenMRS 2.1 is was distributed with OpenMRS Platform 1.10..00, and OpenMRS 2.2 is distributed with OpenMRS Platform 1.11.2), but when possible individual components of the 2.x application should not actually require the very latest openmrs-core version, but rather the lowest possible version given their functionality.

We make bugfixes to openmrs-core as we work on OpenMRS 2.x, but we don't generally add new features to core, since those are not backported to the already-released lines.


After cloning the git repository check out the 1.10.x branch the branch that the current OpenMRS 2.x build is based on (e.g. at time of writing this is the 1.11.x branch, => "git checkout -b 1.1011.x origin/1.1011.x"). To verify this is still the right branch to check out, look at, look at the value of the openMRSVersion property, and get the release branch associated with that property value (e.g. <openMRSVersion>1.11.3</openMRSVersion> => branch 1.11.x).


In order to be able to run openmrs-core you need to install a SQL database, most commonly MySQL.