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This page is a continual work in progress.

Contact Information

Michael DowneyTBD
Twitter,, & @downey
IRC: downey
Office Hours: TBA



  • Community advocacy
    • Bridge gaps between OpenMRS "customers" (e.g., users, implementers) and contributors
    • Nurturing and growing skills and diversity of contributors
    • Communication of strategy and planning efforts within the community
  • Community promotion
    • Promotion of vision & mission, events, products and upgrades to current and potential community members.
    • Ensure representation of OpenMRS at key industry and open source events
    • Participation in outreach programs such as Google Summer of Code
  • Communication and responding to needs
    • Understand OpenMRS community participants (measure and report growth, interests, needs, fit)
    • Organization of community events and meetings (e.g., hackathons for focused software development efforts and contributor networking, conferences, project leadership summits, periodic community updates)
    • Mediation of disputes within the community should they arise
  • Feedback loop for software development
    • Building and maintaining appropriate community governance and balancing against bureaucracy
    • Manage collaborative processes used by community and maintain tools to support them (some aspects may report to engineering)
    • Represent the voice of the OpenMRS customer by listening to and understanding feedback within and outside the OpenMRS community. Assemble requirements & needs and facilitate interpretation with engineering teams.

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