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Time Period

Suggested Workflow


23rd April - 21st May

Community Bonding Period


21st May - 31st May

Bi-directionally synchronize person table on 2 OpenMRS instances. 


1st June - 10th June

Develop OpenMRS module to embed SymmetricDS jar.


11th June - 9th July

Develop means to identify & resolve conflicts arising through bi- directional synchronization. Implement IDataLoaderFilter.
The module will include developed filter functionality at the end.

Completed for a subset of tables
Issues due to complex data
model discussed

9th July - 16th July

Configure SymmetricDS for synchronization of all tables in OpenMRS schema. Include this in the on-going module.


16th July - 5th August

Develop the UIs for authenticating & configuring SymmetricDS.
Develop the UI to give the user ability to enable/disable and thus control synchronization for individual tables.

15th August - 13th August

Test and document module

In Progress

13th August - 20th August

Getting feedback from community. Test on multiple physical nodes for network latency and other practical issues.
Implement security and monitoring functionality (If time permits as suggested above)

Tested on 2 physical nodes
with 2 operating systems


Client & root specific configuration to get OpenMRS databases setup for Symmetric running on a new Jetty instance.
Includes a web.xml, sql script and configuration on properties files to fit the embedded approach, differing from the 
standalone the standalone approach


UI Mockups Proposed