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This tag is used to record the scenario where a patient exits the care center. It provides operates in a similar manner to the exit from care functionality on the patient dashboard, providing a date and field  and a reason field dropdown to the user. To exit a patient from care, where the date field should be used set to enter the date of the patient's exit and the reason field is for recording dropdown set to the reason for the patient's exit. A user can submit a form initially if either the exitFromCare section is filled out or not, but one it is filled Exiting a patient from care (by setting the date and exit reason) is not mandatory, however once the fields are filled out and submitted for a certain patient, the exit can't be undone, hence the fields can't be set back to empty. However it is possible to edit the date and reason fields with the tag, without leaving the fields empty.

The possible reasons for exiting care are specified by setting the global property concept.reasonExitedCare. This should point to a question concept--the associated answer concepts will be used to populate the reason dropdown presented to the user.

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