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A concept is the basic element of flexibility in OpenMRS. Concepts are the individual data points collected from a population of patients. Concepts include both questions and answers. Therefore, it is very important to have them conform to specific validation rules in order to have a cleaner data set.


  1. A fully specified name can neither be a short name nor an index/search term
  2. Can't add a concept mapping with a retired concept map type or reference term
  3. Can't add a concept mapping to a voided concept reference source
  4. The concept reference source of a  reference term should be non-voided
  5. Can't add a concept reference term map with a retired concept map type or reference term

Useful validation rules for specific concept dictionaries

There is no validation that checks that certain mappings are only used on 1 concept in a concept dictionary. A concept source mapping for a concept dictionary (ie. PIH:12) should only be associated with 1 concept.  ICD10 mappings can be associated to multiple concepts.