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The touch-screen computers will be configured to start OpenMRS using this form .../openmrs/module/rwandaprimarycare/login/login.form

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See Rwanda Primary Care User Guide




Get the latest version from the OpenMRS module repository

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Where is the Firefox profile folder?
Help > Troubleshooting Information > Open Containing Folder


Barcode printing works as follows:  when you click Print Barcode in the OpenMRS Touchscreen application, OpenMRS generates an .epl file that contains EPL2-language instructions that are to be interpreted by the printer.  What you do is then configure firefox to automatically open the file with  The file is basically just a three line command file that routes the epl instructions to the printer device, which on Ubuntu should be /dev/usb/lp0 (see the code of above).  Then, the printer should execute the instructions.  For more information on the EPL2 language, just do a google search for 'Zebra EPL2 Programmer's Manual'.  This strategy is designed to do two things:  first, you don't need a driver to install the printer. basically fulfills this function.  And second, we don't want to see a popup 'print' dialogue in Firefox -- when you click the 'Print Barcode' button, you just want the printer to spit out a barcode, no questions asked.

Release Notes

  • 2.0.3
    • RPC-44 -Duplicates of parents should not be saved
    • RPC-43 - Handle MoH FOSA codes with less than 3 digits correctly
    • RPC-39 - NumberFormatException is thrown if age contains floating points
    • RPC-38 - Print ID Barcodes For Offline Use prints <spring:message code= ...
    • RPC-37 - Display only patient names in autocomplete name list
    • RPC-36 - set MIME type EPL in JSP