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Once you've got the unit tests to pass, you'll want to make sure to pull in any changes that others may have made to the module since you created your feature branch. To do this, follow the instructions "Pull in upstream changes" under the "More Things You Can Do" section. Note that in addition to merging the the changes into the master branch of your fork, you'll want to merge them into your feature branch as well.

After you've pulled in any new changes, resolve any merge conflicts that may have occurred, and then re-run the unit tests.  If they all pass, go ahead and commit any outstanding changes to your branch.


Tips on how to get your changes approved

  • Make sure you understand the ticket or feature you are working on: before working on any ticket, make sure it is in the "ready for work" state, and that you fully understand the goal of the ticket.
  • Make sure that you haven't broken any unit tests
  • Write your own unit tests to prove that your new feature works.  If you submit a pull request without any new unit tests to confirm it works as expected, nine times out of ten your changes will be rejected!