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  • GSoC 2012 - Project Progress-Tracking Page - Better Error Submission Process for FDBK Module

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Comment: Dynamic Task List: Task added to list 'Better Error Submission Process for FDBK Module project progress page'
Better Error Submission Process for FDBK Module project progress page
Better Error Submission Process for FDBK Module project progress page
|T|H|F|1334293968682|1337783612066|harshadura|Review the requirements for your project together with your mentor.|
|T|H|F|1336662873041|1337137019426|harshadura|Create a GIT repo and clone https://github.com/gauravpaliwal/General-Feedback-Module-OpenMRS|
|T|H|F|1336662650772|1337783619286|harshadura|Create 1 slide presentation for 24th May 2012 Meeting|
|T|H|F|1334293978486|1337783621045|harshadura|Agree on final requirements with your mentor.|
|F|M|F|1338090680381|          |gauravpaliwal|jsFeedback plugin demo|
|F|M|F|1338090656084|          |gauravpaliwal|jsFeedback plugin Tutorial|
|F|M|F|1338090642459|          |gauravpaliwal|html2canvas Demo|
|F|M|F|1340375132229|          |gauravpaliwal|feedback.content and feedback.content.view are not translated in the messages.properties file|
|T|M|F|1337565409689|1337565434829|harshadura|WIKI: Create a Basic Form Wizard using JQuery Form-Wizard-Plugin: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/%28How-To%29+Create+a+Basic+Form+Wizard+using+JQuery+Form-Wizard-Plugin|
|F|M|F|1340375107057|          |gauravpaliwal|The screenshot confirmation screen needs some sort of header or caption like "This is the image you selected that will be submitted" Please use the back button to change it|
|F|M|F|1340375045802|          |gauravpaliwal|Submit should close the box|
|T|M|F|1334293973740|1336222222783|harshadura|Submit a formal written proposal to your mentor.|
|T|M|F|1334293952249|1336222157668|harshadura|Set up a blog for GSoC. Send the URL to Michael Downey. If you don't have a blog yet, you can create one for free at WordPress.com or Blogger.com.|
|T|M|F|1334293945136|1336667078954|harshadura|Review our Conventions page.|
|T|M|F|1334455716137|1337136996197|harshadura|Read about html2canvas documentation : http://html2canvas.hertzen.com/|
|T|M|F|1337565346292|1337565379592|harshadura|Project Proposal - Better Error Submission Process for FDBK Module https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/Project+Proposal+-+Better+Error+Submission+Process+for+FDBK+Module|
|F|M|F|1340375124583|          |gauravpaliwal|On Manage Feedback page, the dropdown for "status" should have a blank row before it that is selected if there is no status.|
|T|M|F|1338090706867|1338195202922|harshadura|Make tutorials more descriptive : https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/html2canvas+implementation+with+jsFeedback+plugin+%28Tutorial%29|
|F|M|F|1340375001311|          |gauravpaliwal|Look into a way to do a very quick submission. (perhaps just a "done" button with just the comment?)|
|T|M|F|1337565645624|1337565650074|harshadura|JQuery, CSS, DOM, JS, HTML >  Exercise1 : http://jsfiddle.net/gSAjV/583/|
|T|M|F|1334293917766|1336222172729|harshadura|Get a development environment installed and running.|
|T|M|F|1334293910904|1336222177869|harshadura|Get OpenMRS installed and running. Read Developer Guide, Getting Started as a Developer, and ask others in the community if you have questions. If you ask questions the smart way, you'll get better responses.|
|F|M|F|1340374973800|          |gauravpaliwal|[Extra-Credit]make the highlight box a red rectangle like the final screenshot (this would eliminate the need to have a dark grey background of the page)|
|F|M|F|1340374966717|          |gauravpaliwal|[Extra-Credit]make the bg ligher when highlighting. its hard to see what you are redacting|
|F|M|F|1340374948353|          |gauravpaliwal|[Extra-Credit]Saves that screenshot to the feedback table(s)|
|F|M|F|1340374941581|          |gauravpaliwal|[Extra-Credit]Allows user to go to wizard to select/redact parts of the page|
|T|M|F|1334457469339|1337783624446|harshadura|Document important function of html2canvas that are planned to be used in FDBK Module|
|T|M|F|1334293984066|1337692917417|harshadura|Develop a project schedule (timeline) with your mentor.|
|T|M|F|1334457927372|1337137036406|harshadura|Design a basic wizard using JQuery.|
|F|M|F|1340375029534|          |gauravpaliwal|Change to "add any additional attachments to be submitted along with the above screenshot|
|T|M|F|1334293957938|1337564514020|harshadura|Browse the current OpenMRS code specific to your project.|
|T|M|F|1334293963197|1337565016800|harshadura|Browse other GSoC organizations and the pages they have for their students. We want to be the best!|