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What did you expect to happen today?

  • Nothing specific
  • Know more than I did this morning about hibernate and spring and annotations and controllers
  • Make a page ourselves. Actually do it.

What actually happened?

  • Learned more than I knew this morning about ...
  • Made a page. Actually did it.
  • Saw how to link to a page with an extension point
  • learned about JSPs (filled in some gaps)
  • learned a bit about the background of spring?
  • examples

What should we do differently?

  • Show us the patterns (e.g. overview of how we have 4 classes set up to do data access)
  • More time in the examples. Slow down the code pace, and don't bounce between files so quickly.
  • Having all the code in svn ahead of time could be nice
  • Either slow down so people can type along. Or have everything there already so we clearly don't expect typing.
  • Stay better oriented. More roadmaps of where we're going. (There's lots of jumping between files.)
  • Publicize the group skype chat so everyone can be in it.