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In the standard OpenMRS implementation, all the address fields for patient addresses are free-form text boxes. The Address Hierarchy module provides the means to override this standard functionality with drop-down lists populated from an imported address hierarchy.  Users can then specify the address for a patient by selecting the appropriate locations from the hierarchy.


1) User selects the district "Berea" from drop-down list


2) Community Council drop-down updates to show all councils within Berea district. 

3) After a council is selected, village drop-down updates to show valid villages in selected council area.


Starting with version 2.2.5, the module requires OpenMRS 1.7.x or higher.  Previous 2.x versions of the module are compatible with Openmrs OpenMRS 1.6.x.


The latest version of the module can be found in the OpenMRS Module Repository.


Once you have the Address Hierarchy module installed on you your system, you must import an address hierarchy and configure it before it will function properly.