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  • 1.1
    • [SYNC-54] - Add Javascript Refresh to Overview page in Sync Module
    • [SYNC-65] - Add link to Scheduler in Sync Module
    • [SYNC-194] - null pointer hit when onFlushDirty is exectued before afterTransactionBegin in interceptor
    • [SYNC-242] - Fix failing sync unit tests
    • [SYNC-245] - From History of Changes page, unable to reset a record as a new sync record if any of the child server records are in the "waiting to synchronize" state
    • [SYNC-247] - Configure sync poms to allow testing against multiple versions of Openmrs
    • [SYNC-253] - failing unit test against 1.9.0-alpha: shouldAddObsWithEncounter(org.openmrs.module.sync.SyncEncounterTest)
    • [SYNC-254] - failing unit test against 1.9.0-alpha: shouldMergePatients(org.openmrs.module.sync.SyncPatientTest)
    • [SYNC-255] - failing unit test against 1.9.0-alpha: shouldNotGenerateSystemIdIfGPNotDefined(org.openmrs.module.sync.SyncUserTest)
    • [SYNC-272] - History of Changes: Records per page should not set "firstRecordId" if not previously set
    • [SYNC-274] - When adding classes to exclude/include, trim off any trailing spaces
    • [SYNC-276] - SyncIngestService should also not update records with state COMMITTED_AND_CONFIRMATION_SENT
    • [SYNC-278] - Add index to original_uuid column in sync_record table
    • [SYNC-279] - Index sync_record.timestamp, sync_server_record.server_id & .state
    • [SYNC-280] - Voided PersonAttribute get deleted when syncing
    • [SYNC-282] - Problem adding existing concept to an existing concept set
    • [SYNC-284] - failing unit test against 1.9.1: shouldFindUuidsOnConcepts(org.openmrs.module.sync.SyncORUR01HandlerTest)
    • [SYNC-287] - Sync module should prevent OpenMRS Core from persisting changes if no sync record is created
    • [SYNC-302] - Fix failing unit test: shouldDeletePersonAttributeType(org.openmrs.module.sync.SyncOnDeleteTest)
    • [SYNC-304] - Sync module fails to load on 1.9.3 standalone
    • [SYNC-306] - If the only changes that occur to an object are within a collection property, sync fails to detect and record this change
    • [SYNC-307] - Sync fails to save sets and maps of non-openmrs objects if the owning object has no updates
    • [SYNC-308] - History of changes page does not correctly use configured setting for number of records per page
    • [SYNC-311] - History page throws ELException on Tomcat7
    • [SYNC-323] - Improve performance of "lastRecord" and "previousRecord"
    • [SYNC-324] - Stacktrace from SyncInterceptor when trying to save user properties
    • [SYNC-325] - Sync Records are lost if multiple transactions run on the same thread
    • [SYNC-265] - liquibase changeset 2011121-1030k needs special handling in sync context
    • [SYNC-277] - Create SyncUtil.isFinalState(state) method
    • [SYNC-288] - Add sync record id to the history of changes page
    • [SYNC-289] - Show current time on the overview page
    • [SYNC-293] - Add quick link on history page to "Most recent all committed"
    • [SYNC-294] - Ensure outgoing sync error details are properly logged and available to the administrator
    • [SYNC-305] - Merge sprint201303 branch into master
    • [SYNC-313] - Add ability to test email configuration

  • 1.0.7
    • SYNC-290 - Sync Statistics page throws an error upon loading
    • SYNC-298 - Investigate and fix failing unit test: shouldSaveObsAndProtectObsIdInVoidReason(org.openmrs.module.sync.SyncObsTest)
    • SYNC-303 - Fix project layout to meet current best practices
  • 1.0.6
    • SYNC-286 - If you click on the "Maintenance" tab for Sync Administration, the repeat interval on the task to clean the records gets set to sec
  • 1.0.5
    • SYNC-250 - Sync module should be able to handle properties that are enums
    • SYNC-257 - Sync module doesn't build against 1.10-SNAPSHOT
    • SYNC-267 - Sync should explicitly set character encoding to UTF-8 when creating and reading sync transmissions
    • SYNC-283 - Problem syncing changes to concept names
    • SYNC-266 - Add unique constraint to sync_import.uuid column
  • 1.0.4
    • SYNC-283: Problem syncing changes to Concept names
    • SYNC-242: Fix failing sync unit tests
  • 1.0.3
    • SYNC-280: Voided PersonAttribute gets deleted while syncing
  • 1.0.2
  • 1.0.1
  • 1.0
    • Fixed many bugs and added a few more features
    • Only known sync'ing issue is with formentry xsn objects. See note above.
  • 0.972
    • Fixed SQL LEVEL ACCESS privilege requirement SYNC-179
    • Fixed records marked as Do Not Process from holding up the queue SYNC-193
    • Sync'ing concepts first in the list SYNC-180
    • Removing the special-cased hard copy of Concept.conceptId and depending solely on uuid SYNC-160
    • Added a socket timeout setting SYNC-169
    • Fixed PersonAttribute sync'ing SYNC-177
    • Fixed hibernate error with new records SYNC-175
    • Made configuration timeout configurable SYNC-180
    • Fixed sync'ing of concept answers SYNC-174
  • 0.94
    • Fixed failing unit tests and flaky logic when creating new patients
    • Fixed sync'ing of class objects - SYNC-172
  • 0.93
    • Fixed Sync statistics page causing OOM when there are a lot of sync records - SYNC-165
  • 0.92
    • Fixed sync'ing of object attributes marked as 'text' SYNC-171
  • 0.91
  • 0.9 (official "RC 1" release)
    • Fixed syncing of concepts so that it is compatible with metadata sharing module (i.e. concept_ids are preserved)   SYNC-160, SYNC-166
    • Added ability to sync persistent maps (this enables sync-ing of person attributes) - SYNC-59, SYNC-164
    • Added Sync In Progress indicator - SYNC-23
    • Better logging of errors for FAILED records - SYNC-58
    • (and more) 
  • 0.8 (official "beta 2" release)
    • Exclude certain types (Scheduler, hl7, global property) from sync'ing. Adding package exclusions - #2352
    • PersonAttirbutes with empty values fixed - #2360
    • Indeterminate PatientIdentifier errors - #1535
    • AlertRecipient can be sync'd now - #2233
    • Cohort members can be sync'd - #2362
    • Sync setup on 1.5.x was failing - #2389
    • (and more)
  • 0.7 (official "beta" release)
    • Added Antoine's new sync admin functionality and ability to generate/send/receive database backup over the web - #547
    • Show number of sync incoming sync items - #2014
    • Fixed receiving of LoginCredential objects - #2236
    • Made rebuild of xsn conditional on xsn existence - #1440
    • Fixed display of error translations - #612
    • Added more description around received items on status page - #602
    • KNOWN ISSUE: AlertRecipient cannot be received - #2233
  • 0.6.1 (official "alpha" release)
    • Changed the default logging so that there isn't as much noise in the server log files
  • 0.6
    • Fixed concept word rebuilding when new concepts are added. This allows new concepts to be searched/found at remote sites after a new concept was created on central
  • 0.5
    • Added ability to generate/download upgrade scripts between OpenMRS 1.5 & 1.6
    • Minor Sync API cleanup - archive:TRAC-2029
  • 0.4 (Initial public pre-release)
    • Fixed saving of non foreign keyed links to primary key columns in voided obs, person attribute and attribute types
    • Changed all classloader calls to go through the openmrs classloader to enable sync'ing of module objects
  • 0.3
    • Fixed offline file transfer to work in bidirectional fashion
    • Fixed cohort sync'ing
  • 0.2
    • Changed classes to shorter sync name
    • Added ability for module classes to be sync'ed
    • Fixed user id generation
    • Reorganized administration pages
  • 0.1
    • Initial release
    • Contains all functionality from sync bidir branch


For development purposes, see the Active Sync Module tickets