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This page explains the different files available in a release. See the Release Note Import or Prereleases page for the files. Each file is usually just a different way to package together the openmrs files.

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    : Drop this file into any currently installed java servlet container like Tomcat or Glassfish
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    : This is a virtual machine image. Open this with VMWare or VirtualBox to have a quickly functioning openmrs installation. See archive:OpenMRS_Appliance
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    : An installation program for Debian based Linux operating systems (like Ubuntu)
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    : A windows installation program for either 32bit or 64bit machines. This is very large because it contains Java, MySQL, Tomcat, and OpenMRS. Put this on a usb stick to install on a server that does not have a connection to the internet.
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    : A windows installation program for either 32bit or 64bit machines. This is a very small file that will selectively download Java, MySQL, Tomcat, and OpenMRS but only if needed. Use this on servers that have a connection to the internet and may or may not already have some of these applications installed already.