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SonarQube checks the openmrs-core code once a day. You can find the issues it found here

Read FindBugs to see where the rules come from.


  • System.out.println(). Do not use System.out.println() in your code; instead log
  • ex.printStackTrace(). Do not use ex.printStackTrace() in your code; instead log

Modifier order

Modifiers should follow the order suggested by the Java Language specification, sections 8.1.1, 8.3.1, 8.4.3 and 9.4:


  • (expression false). Do not test equality with true or false; rather, simplify the boolean expression by removing the comparison and, if necessary, adding a leading exclamation mark (!) if you are testing for false expressions.
  • if Statements. If statements should always be enclosed in braces. Always write "if (expr) {doSomething();}", never write "if (expr) doSomething();"
  • Loop Braces. There should be braces for the in the the  case of any loop even there is only one statement.  Always Always write "while (condition) {doSomething();}", never write "while (condition) doSomething();"


  • We deprecate methods that are part of our external public interface, instead of changing/deleting them in order to preserve backwards compatibility
    • External, public methods include:
      • service methods
      • public interface methods
      • domain object methods
    • Internal methods are not considered public, and therefore do not have to go through a deprecation cycle, and can be changed/deleted outright. These include:
      • DAO methods
  • We will delete all deprecated methods when we make a new version (eg e.g from 1.x to 2.0)
  • Use both the @Deprecated annotation and the @deprecated javadoc comment
  • The @deprecated javadoc annotation should point to the new method that is replacing the current one
  • The @deprecated javadoc annotation should also mention the version when the deprecation happened. e.g: @deprecated As of 2.0, replaced by {@link #getEncounters(EncounterSearchCriteria)}