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Our Subversion server is deprecated in favor of using Git and GitHub to store code going forward. This page remains here for legacy projects and historical accuracy.

See GitHub Code of ConductConventions for the updated version

Why have this document?


Anyone can become a partial committer.  Email code at and request access for a module or branch.  See committer subversion access for details on how to request repository access and what to include in your request.


We welcome outside developers to become partial access committers. For outside developers that would like to contribute something larger than a bug fix, a branch can be created and read/write access given to that developer. If you would like to have a branch created for you see Developers Guide


All module code will be placed under the /openmrs-modules folder in the repository. The name of the folder for the source code will be the name of the module id. The code stored in the repository must be open source, but does not have to be under the OPL. See also Module Licensing


To request space for a new module see requesting a module/project of the Code Repository page.

Source code for forgotten, no longer supported, and/or abandoned modules may be moved to the /openmrs-modules/abandoned/ folder.


  • Be as specific as possible in your initial commit comment. Commits creating new branches are sent to the developers mailing list.
  • Be sure to include the branch name and if applicable, the username of its intended user
  • For partial committers, include the username of the approving full committer
  • For branches based on tickets, put ticket number in branch name

See requesting subversion repository access for how to request a new branch.