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So you want to make a data model change?


  1. Open the /api/src/main/resources/liquibase-update-to-latest.xml file.
  2. Add your update to the end using liquibase's format for updates. See the liquibase manual for help.
    • Use any unique string for the The "id" . The must be a globally unique string across all changesets.  By convention, we use the current date+time is an easy one along with an optional incrementing suffix if needed – e.g: id="200804221449-1".
    • Use your trac username OpenMRS ID for the "author" attribute
    • Be sure to add a "comment" element in your changeSet, it is displayed in the webapp for end users to see
    • We recommend including the ticket number in the comment e.g "Add date_changed column to encounter_type table - TRUNK-2345"

Step Three: Deploy OpenMRS to Run the Changes


Commit both the liquibase xml file and code changes simultaneously to the subversion git hub repository.


Never ever change a changeset! (Well, almost never)


Repair the changeset by adding a later changeset (with a different "id") is the preferred approach. But if a changeset contains an error that you must correct, follow the instructions on ?How to modify Modify a bad changesetBad Changeset.

Preconditions are important