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  • formentry.infopath_server_url - The url compiled into the xsns so that they can speak to the right server (e.g
  • formentry.infopath_taskpane_refresh_sec - How often to refresh the taskpane page (in seconds) in order to keep the connection alive
  • formentry.infopath_taskpane_keepalive_min - Maximum number of minutes to keep refreshing the page in order to keep the connection alive
  • formentry.infopath_taskpane.relationship_sort_order - To be finished by Jeremy
  • formentry.queue_dir - Filesystem dir to store the submitted xml items (default formentry/queue)
  • formentry.queue_archive_dir - Filesystem dir to store the already processed queue items (default formentry/archive/%Y/%M)
  • formentry.xsn_archive_dir - filesystem to store xsns that are no longer needed. (active xsns are stored in the db)
  • formentry.default_hl7_source - name of hl7 source to attribute to incoming xml (default is local)
  • formentry.gp_prefix_for_forms - all Global Properties that start with this string will be available in forms for use in default values. e.g. $!{globalProperties.mypropNameHere}. (Good for per-server configuration to get default locations into a sync network)

Release Notes

  • 5.0.7 (Unreleased)
  • 5.0.4 (Unreleased)
  • 5.0.3 (unreleased due to search bug)
    • Added new 1.8 style searches popups (WIP)