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  • groupingConceptId: ID of the associated concept
    • Examples:
      • <obsgroup groupingConceptId="2214">
      • <obsgroup groupingConceptId="XYZ:HT">
      • <obsgroup groupingConceptId="0cbe2ed3-cd5f-4f46-9459-26127c9265ab">
    • Value: Any valid concept integer ID, concept mapping pair, or concept uuid.
    • Default: None
  • label: an optional display label for the ObsGroup; This will not show up in the form itself, but can be used to customize column headers in data exports, for example.
    • Default: None
    • Example
      • <obsgroup groupingConceptId="0cbe2ed3-cd5f-4f46-9459-26127c9265ab" label="Primary Diagnosis">

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