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Project (Group)


Primary Mentor

Backup Mentor

Advanced Concept Management (1)

Unknown User (maltef) 

Unknown User (justin)

Unknown User (mseaton)

Approximate Date Support (2)

Ruwan B. Egodawatte

Unknown User (jeremy)

Unknown User (wyclif)

Bug Analytics (3)

Shivashankar Subramanian

Diederik van Liere

David Eaves

(Outdated) Concept Proposal Module (1)

Firzhan Naqash

Unknown User (gmccallum)

Unknown User (akanter)

Remote Data Transfer Module (2)

Unknown User (kennymac)

Unknown User (bwolfe)

Unknown User (akanter)

Enhancing the Patient De-duplication Module (3)

Suneeth Reddy Arra

Shaun Grannis

James Egg

Genome Data Storage and Drug Resistance Prediction (1)

Sai Manohar Nethi

Pascal Brandt

Carl Fourie

Global Caching Support for OpenMRS Logic Service (2)

Unknown User (astelmashenko)

Unknown User (nyoman)

~bmamlin Burke Mamlin

HTML Form Entry Module Enhancements (3)

Xiaohu Fan

Unknown User (mogoodrich)

Unknown User (darius)

Localization Tools (1)

Zhuangwei Lu

Unknown User (mseaton)

Unknown User (mogoodrich)

Longitudinal Data Viewer (2)

Unknown User (umashanthi)

Unknown User (sy)

Paul Biondich

Metadata Sharing Project (3)

Rafal Korytkowski

Unknown User (darius)

Unknown User (jeremy)

OpenMRS Media Viewer Enhancements for Radiology (1)

Pratik Mandrekar

Katherine Kuan

RJ Ryan

Refine Module Administration Project (2)

Shazin Sadakath

~bmamlin Burke Mamlin

Unknown User (bwolfe)

Remark Module (3)

Christian Chircu

Unknown User (wyclif)

Unknown User (sy)

UI Framework Prototypes (3)

Unknown User (harsha)

Unknown User (darius)

Unknown User (sy)


  1. Contact your mentor today. Make a plan to communicate with them regularly. Determine the best way to communicate (e-mail, IRC, IM, Skype, telephone, etc.).
  2. Get OpenMRS installed and running. Read Developer Guide, Getting Started as a Developer, and ask others in the community if you have questions.
  3. Get a development environment installed and running.
  4. Review our ?Conventions page.
  5. Get an ?OpenMRS ID if you don't have one already.
  6. Set up a blog for GSoC. Send the URL to Unknown User (michael). If you don't have a blog yet, you can create one for free at or
  7. Browse the current OpenMRS code specific to your project.
  8. Create your User Page. Read OpenMRS ID to learn how.
  9. Browse other GSoC projects and the pages they have for their students. We want to be the best!
  10. Review the requirements for your project together with your mentor.
  11. Submit a formal written proposal to your mentor.
  12. Agree on final requirements with your mentor.
  13. Develop a project schedule (timeline) with your mentor.


  • You are highly encouraged to join the Developers Forum every Thursday. You can participate by telephone, Skype, or even just on IRC. The 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month will be dedicated to Summer of Code, so make every effort to attend to listen to your fellow students' presentations (see the next section for details).
  • We use JIRA as a tool for issue tracking and project management.
  • About using e-mail:
    • If you have a highly specific question, contact your mentor.
    • Technical discussions, ideas, and requests for feedback should generally be sent to the developers mailing list (email|dev|
    • Mailing Lists (Legacy)
      • The Interns list is for GSoC administrative issues. This list should not* be used for technical discussions. 
      • The developers list is for technical discussions.
  • IRC discussions in the #openmrs channel of freenode are always fun! Useful for shorter discussions or for large group discussions
  • Skype or Phone — sometimes a short discussion can get ideas across much more efficiently
  • Google Docs — an excellent tool for sharing and collaborating in real time on documents or spreadsheets
  • Use the OpenMRS wiki often:
    • Be sure to make a user profile page.
    • Every project should have a OpenMRS wiki page where you document your project, progress, technical details, show mock ups, etc.
  • Scheduling tools:
    • — to clarify/coordinate times around the world
    • — to coordinate meeting times for larger groups