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Automatically Using the




The easiest way to create a module is to Use the Module Maven Archetype.

It will create the project skeleton and a pom.xml file with all the dependencies for OpenMRS APIs and modules.

Video Guide from OpenMRS University

  1. Creating an OpenMRS Module hosted on Github using the Maven Archetype
  2. Adobe Connect Playback

The instructions on this page are outdated, and you will have difficulty following them verbatim; this page is kept around for archival purposes.

Please use the OpenMRS SDK to create modules!

See OpenMRS SDK and OpenMRS SDK Step By Step Tutorials.




(These instructions are kept here for archival purposes. Please use the SDK instead.)

Manual Step-by-Step Instructions

There is really no reason to do anything other than use the maven archetype SDK (see above), but if you want to create the module structure manually: