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OpenMRS does not want to be a vocabulary standard. There is a lot of up-keep involved with managing universal codes used around the world. Instead, every openmrs installation is free to add new concepts, change concepts, etc in their local installation. That installation's concepts will get concept_ids assigned by the database and are probably unique to that installation.


OpenMRS ships with a set of predefined concept map types that will meet an implementation's needs but in the event where you can't seem to find the appropriate one, you can define new relationship/map types that can be used when mapping concepts to other terminologies or when mapping reference terms to each other, Some of the map types come when they are hidden/disabled, you need to make them active before using them. You can view the complete listing of all the concept map types by going to the admin page and click the 'Manage Concept Map Types' link under the concepts section, this feature is disabled by default so if you can't find the link, you will need to enable concept map type management by setting the value of the setting (formerly global properties 1.8 and below) global property 'concept_map_type_management.enable' to true. Below  is how you can define new concept map types.