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titleTemporary workaround

Due to a temporary bug, if you send this email from an account that matches your account on OpenMRS Talk (if you have one), it may be rejected. If so, please click here to send a private message to the "@Security" group via OpenMRS Talk.


File a bug report

If you know the problem is related to the function or performance of a specific add-on module you're running, please consult the Module Repository and that module's documentation about how to get support. If you believe the problem is with OpenMRS itself, or if you're honestly not sure, you can file the bug report in the OpenMRS Trunk project in JIRA. You'll need to have an OpenMRS ID to do so.

Regardless of whether you're reporting the bug to the OpenMRS core team or to a module developer, to help those developers understand the problem, please include as much information as possible: