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The standalone jar lets users compare two datasources or flat files, while the web interface lets users work specifically with the OpenMRS database. 

Noetworthy Note worthy changes in the web interface include,

1. Limited provision for user interaction. users are not allowed to take full benifit of full benefit of some of the module functionality which is available via the standalone.


Once the report is completed, results can be accessed via a link displayed on the bottom of the page. A sample report may look as follows,
Lets try to decipher what this data means.

Note that the retreived data the retrieved data has been grouped into two subsets.

This means that the report has calculated that the two patient records displayed under group_id 0 may be duplicates or each other, while those displated under those displayed under the group_id 1 may also be duplicates of each other. In this case, each grouping consits of grouping consist of two patient records. However, this is not a must, and may increase to any number.


The patient matching reports are currently stored as xml files. Therefore, completed reportsmay reports may be viewed and merged at leisure.