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OpenMRS Inc recognizes that its consultants, vendors and community members may travel from time to time to further its mission especially when less expensive alternatives, such as participation by telephone or video conferencing, are not feasible. 


  1. Review the event you want to attend and see which travel category it falls under: CST or CTA.
  2. If CST, complete a copy of the  Travel Grant Application Formand a copy of the Travel Information Form at least four weeks prior to travel date.
  3. If CTA,  complete a Statement of Work (SOW). Please use this template OpenMRS Travel Statement of Work. However, if you are traveling under TAP funding, please use this one. You will also need to fill in the Travel Information Form at least four weeks prior to the travel date.
  4. Send the completed forms to 
  5. Wait for a response from an OpenMRS Inc. representative. You will either be:
    1. Offered the travel opportunity
    2. Asked for more details, or
    3. Be informed  that your application was declined.
  6. Accept the offer by replying in the same email thread that informed you of the travel verdict.
  7. Plan your travelbased on the information on the Travel Information Form.


A guide to the reimbursement rates is shown in the table below.

Mode of Transportation

Rate per Mile

Privately owned automobile

$0.655 USD


$0.635 USD


Rate per Mile

Standard mileage rates for moving purposes

$0.22 USD

Miscellaneous transportation