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2 February 2012

How To Join

Contact Paul Biondich for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

  • Paul Biondich
  • Michael Downey
  • Hamish Fraser
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Mike Seaton
  • Chris Seebregts
  • Dawn Smith



Topic Leader(s)




NGO Update

Dawn Seymour




Annual Leadership Meeting

Dawn Seymour




Hackathon at Social Good for Social Media Week in Toronto

Dawn Seymour



Purpose: Looking for individuals to present their API at the hackathon.

Update on Project Cello

Darius Jazayeri




Meeting Minutes

NGO Update

  • Jennett, our NGO lawyer is ready to put in the final information into the application
    • Dawn briefly reviewed the documents to make sure the group is still on the same page prior to submission

Annual Leadership Meeting

  • Final Dates and Location: 8-9 March in Indianapolis
  • Dawn will get in touch with each leadership member to get arrival/departure dates and times

Hackathon for Social Good

  • Email from Jillian who is setting up a hackathon in Toronto aimed at Social Good for Social Media Week
    • Hamish will ping Joaquín about contacts in Toronto

Update on Project Cello

  • Darius: We talked about the project in Kigali, and how we need to build a more effective OpenMRS application
    • That convo led to talking about distributions and having OpenMRS start pushing the first OpenMRS distribution that's packaged as such
    • I came up with an idea of OpenMRS for small clinics, a smaller package that can be a product and useful for people
    • One of big stakeholders might be Village Health Works
      • Lots of talk about what the minimal need is from OpenMRS for point of care in a clinic
    • The idea of having a packaged version of OpenMRS sacrifices some of the flexibility of the OpenMRS core (maintenance and upgrades)
  • Darius: I've talked with Jeff Wishnie at ThoughtWorks (TW) on way TW can be more involved with OpenMRS
    • This project is building specific product applications, so it would be great to have TW on board for bui
    • Paul talked to Roy Singham @ TW in Chicago. After that meeting there was a week long meeting in Boston where TW sent UI designer, business analyst, and their CFO of the social impact program to work through standar exercises around writing personas and what ought to go in the project.
    • TW wants to find a way to provide devs at a lowered cost and take funding proposals to share
  • Fundraising:
    • Darius: Fundraising projects and OpenMRS team will be on the advisory board
      • Funding would come from different sources than the core OpenMRS NGO
  • Goals:
    • Having standardized UI that's consistent across the entire application
  • Next Steps:
    • Another meeting in Botson to go through the technical issues with the UI and BA
    • Figure out of this project is an OpenMRS project or a spinoff project
      • If we're really trying to build something that is a small clinic app, we really need it to work in disconnected modes (which is something OpenMRS can't necessarily do).
    • Talk about this more with the OpenMRS leadership team