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Review Platform Kanban Board


  • O3 Docker backend slow to start up
    • Demo data module is generating a lot more encounters. Would be nice if we ran this to create a snapshot (would need both database and iniz checksums)
    • Would moving iniz checksums into the database help?
  • Ian's question for everyone
    • Trying to parallelize data generate to make data generation (e.g., for demo module) perform faster, but running into issues with tests failing. When tests are running in independent daemon threads, the data cache is blank.
    • Daniel: could the problem be related to the hibernate session object not being thread safe? And probably our default for hibernate.current session context class could be thread
  • Update on auth module (Mike Seaton )
    • Mike Seaton will move openmrs-module-authentication into OpenMRS github org
    • How to manage FHIR & REST authentication?
      • Would prefer to have web services (FHIR & REST) to defer authentication to core
      • It might work to have FHIR & REST to have a soft dependency on the new auth module, allowing the central auth module to load authentication into the session before calls get to FHIR/REST (so they would just work)
  • Community is moving toward using Platform 2.5.4+ as the "standard" (supported) backend.
  • Would like to add CSRF guard into FHIR & REST calls


  • Discussed CI pipeline issues. Agents have been fixed.
  • Unable to reference an external log4j file
    • Currently logging can be very confusing (multiple versions of log4j over time – e.g., log4j2 on 2.4+ and log4j in pre-2.4 versions)
    • Can help by documenting current log4j2 support
      • Having a log4j2.xml, log4j2.json, or log4j2.yml file next to runtime properties should work for platform 2.4+ and changes to the file pulled in automatically
      • See Log File Settings
    • It would help if logging pattern was documented, relatively easy to understand, and could be tweaked (at least at high level) through settings in the runtime properties file.
      • Unfortunately, support for log4j2 properties file format isn't as straightforward as being able to support JSON/XML/YAML