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When creating a new module or contrib, please e-mail mail ? to request a module ID or contribution name, including your OpenMRS ID, a description of your module/contribution, and your proposed module ID or contribname.  The conversation with the "code" e-mail group is used to avoid duplicates and maximize consistency of naming; you should expect a module ID to be decided within one day of your request.  Eventually, we hope to create a more automated process for ensuring uniqueness of module identification & awareness of existing modules.


The tool that Github recommends is svn2git. It expects your project to be organized in the standard SVN way of trunk, branches and tags, so you should reorganize the project before conversion if necessary.

Copy the list of authors from from ?Github Authors txt into an authors.txt file and from that folder, start with:


It's preferable that older modules be mavenized prior to migrating to git, since it significantly reduces the size of the repository, making it easier for low-bandwidth developers to clone the repository locally.  If your module is not yet mavenized, see see ?Converting old code to Maven.