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Who is welcome: All members of the community interested in contributing to the overall strategic direction and operations of the OpenMRS community

Zoom link:

When: Thursdays 6 - 7pm EAT | 3 - 4pm UTC | 8:45 - 9:45pm NPT | Time Zone Converter

Holidays & Leave

A See the week view of the OpenMRS Calendar for current out of office/on travel duty information for individual community members.

For Community Management & Operations regulars, here is a dynamic list of upcoming holidays, who is traveling, on leave, or generally away:

    • Grace: 3 - 10 February
    • Paul in Vietnam the week beginning 6th.
    • Christine: In Botswana for the month of February
    • Jen: Friday 17th February OOTO
    • Monday 20th February US holiday
    • Jen: Tuesday 21st February OOTO
    • Jen: April 1st - May 15th will take a week off
    • Jen: Sometime July and August 

Action Items

A dynamic list of action items, reviewed every Thursday.

  •  Jennifer: Talk post about annual report.
  •  Jennifer: Open up the C&O call. Calendar booking and talk posts 
  •  Jennifer: Reaching out to specific teams for broader audience for the community forum meetings.
  •  Jennifer: How are we growing: new orgs, how many current, active squads.
  •  Jennifer: Catalogues OpenMRS Inc is in eg Digital Public Good recognition
  •  Jennifer: Follow up with Grace and Jayasanka about building local capacity.
  •  Jennifer/Erica: Email to implementing partners to request for data update with link to Github repo if it is publicly available.
  •  Jennifer and Erica: Updates from Talk, Discourse and Slack about work being done in the community (openly sharing, collaborating and learning)
  •  Jennifer and Erica: Funding success, winning award and writing proposals. Grants application folder in the google drive for reference.
  •  Christine: Brainstorm matrix for events: one that checks whether  or not we are succeeding with goals set.
  •  Christine: What impact are we having in OpenMRS ecosystem (OpenMRS Talent)
  •  Christine: Community events - annual report
  •  Christine: Non-technical contributions: remarkable non-code contributions
  •  Christine: Indicate Grace's leave on Talk
  •  Christine/Jennifer: Update content: top developers, hall of fame, special contribution to the community - not just about code. 
  •  All: How you can help in 2023
  •  Erica: Set up check-in meeting with Grace and Suruchi once Grace is back.
  •  Erica: Set up FAIMER budget tracker
  •  All: What kind of financial/budget info that can help the community see where we are  in terms of our funding including in kind contributions.