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  1. Basic familiarity with Android-development knowing how to use basic functionalities of the Android-Studio.
  2. Android Studio installed and setup preferrably with jdk-8.

Detailed Steps

  • Get started with a new application in Android-Studio, and select empty activity while choosing templates for a new application.  


  • After All these steps have been completed The Main Activity should display a list of providers fetched from the servers and the results may vary depending upon the current list of providers the server has at that moment 



The whole test Application is hosted here, and the original repository containing the work is being hosted at the openmrs-android client. I hope that gives a bit of a hint, on how do we make use of the openmrs-android-sdk to interact with the openmrs-rest-APIs simply by passing in base URL and initializing the sdk correctly to extend the openmrs client as the way we want !!