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Helpful Tips

Expectations for FHIR Squad Notes

The FHIR Squad uses the OpenMRS Wiki - Edit mode for real-time note taking. What does this mean? Everyone attending a meeting monitors and contributes to the note taking. At the start of each squad meeting, we'll ask for (or designate) a volunteer to be the primary note-taker.

Weekly Squad Call

When: Every Tuesday at 8:30pm IST | 6pm Nairobi | 5pm Cape Town | 3pm UTC | 11am Boston | 8am Seattle

Zoom Link:

Where to Find Work

Sprint Board: 

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titleFHIR Board

To Address Next Meeting

  • Review FHIR Board - priorities, documentation tasks, qa tasks:  What epics/teams' work is missing/not represented here? 
  • Demo preconfigured dockerized set up for PLIR (Mozzy) (in a few weeks)

Meeting Notes


Attendees: Christina, Jan, Jen, Daniel, Domou, Mozzy, Jose, Tendo, Medhavi, Bashir, Ankit, Kenneth, Steve, Cliff, Ian, Grace, Ankit

  • JIRA Board → 
    • Encounters
      • Medhavi - in code review stage but for one issue
      • FM2-352 blocked: day/time field causing error when creating encounter - need 366 (Piotr) to be merged in order to proceed on 352
    • General Issues (Ian)
      • FM2-163 FHIR module causing errors on MFE (need label to be added to board)
      • How-to add label to issue in JIRA → Edit issue, select Sprint (it will show you which projects hold which sprints)
      • PR reviews
    • Tendo
      • FM2-130 Mapping - Ian will review PR today
    • PLIR (Mozzy)
      • Automating more tasks for the docker set up to integrate into the automated framework,
      • Preparing PLIR demo for squad showcase
    • Cliff
      • FM2-347: implementing a search parameter for servicerequest and observation resources - waiting for PR review
    • Ankit
      • FM2-371 and 365: Smart on FHIR module, started encounter support 
    • Christina and Piotr
      • No support for systems within identifiers - outside of use category there is no way to select an identifier
      • Not sure if Piotr created a ticket for it - he updated to include support for system within each identifier
      • Ian: sending identifiers w/o system b/c there is no way to systematically determine URL without user inputting something
      • Ian: Need an implementation identifier, because IDs are relative to implementation or a national standard - context specific
      • Ian: instance of implementation ID in OpenMRS, but it's not normally filled out
      • Jose: wanted a map to see who is implementing what, needed a system identifier (this is related)
        • could this be a FHIR resource (yes)
        • device resource → can we utilize this? placeholder for application ID
          • christina: how is this populated when FHIR module loaded in implementation?
          • capabilities statement if published?
    • CBS updates (Jose)
      • case reporting IG is up, still adding features:
      • Want multi language content
      • to-do: e2e sample - custom format mapping to q-r, q-r extraction to FHIR resources, structure and definition, measures
      • Future discussion/CBR Overview (preferably with Jembi):
        • share case reporting background, IG model/map,
        • highlight where OpenMRS fits in
          • PLIR work - possibly a foundation?
      • Jose to provide update next Tuesday, presentation+discussion the following week or scheduling as he is ready - should probably include JEMBI as they are also part of this work
    • How do folks get access to JIRA board? 
      • Need OMRS Jira account (who do they contact to get that?)
        • Request an account at OpenMRS helpdesk.
        • In the Summary text box, state that you would like to have edit access to wiki and JIRA.
        • Submit the helpdesk request.
  • Squad Showcase Presentation
    • Grace: FHIR first messaging
      • Decision to start a new FHIR2 module - story of evolution
        • What does it mean to get to FHIR first?
          • House a FHIR data model? Dynamically map to FHIR?
        • why fhir-first model?
          • export from OMRS that can be used directly by other systems
          • clear guidance on kinds of entities and objects in health data in your EMR (not making it up - using external expertise to guide our model)
          • reduce mental burden by providing basic building blocks
            • re-usable pieces 
          • fhir provides a search API - easier in FHIR, much harder in the current OMRS API
          • jose: not so ambitious to have everythign based on fhir, but whatever we do from now on, the first thing we look towards is 'can it be done in fhir'.... rather than meaning all is on fhir, just that our roadmap is on fhir
        • where do people go to take a look at things? when do we recommend each of the following?
          • FHIR API wiki page
            • not just theory - using this for MFE
            • call out work on OpenELIS integration, SHR, OpenCR
          • FHIR module code repo - shouldn't need to touch this, unless they need to change the way we are mapping to FHIR, should just need to install mostly
  •  Documentation


Attendees: Christina, Ian, Jan, Jen, Grace, Bashir, Kaweesi, Cliff, Bett, Piotr, Patric, Tendo, Medhavi, Jose, Domou, Daniel, Ankit


  • Agenda:
    • Community meeting and squad showcase
    • PLIR Update
    • Updates on patient lists and flags
    • Case based reporting needs
  • Community Meeting and Squad Showcase
  • PLIR update
    • Finalizing the libraries 
    • currently working on a testing framework that can validate the data extracted into FHIR
      • looking at scripts like being used in the analytics engine
      • also looking at testing frameworks that support HIE
    • Atom feed and debezium for Bahmni
      • which path will be used? currently  atomfeed client within bahmni
    • Can Mozzy do a PLIR presentation for the community meeting?
  • Updates on patient lists and flags
    • there is an implementation for the flag resource - almost complete
    • support for flag resource and those that depend on the implementation will be separate
  • Case based reporting needs 
    • UCSF has min data set and curating terminology standards - such as in the CIEL dictionary
    • This is driven by OHRI (OpenMRS HIV Reference Implementation)
    • Will be in a pipeline with the DISI (data integration strategy) workstream being led by JEMBI
    • FHIR questionnaire/response approach? - to go to SHR
    • Jose: Case reporting FHIR IG
      • Key features, longitudinal wide but not heavy
      • Translation of questionnaire
      • Transformations out of a bundle
      • Measures for indicators
      • Maybe DQ, provenance, etc
      • Includes testing, semantics, consistency in use of resources
    • What about timelines for FHIR2 updates needed to feed into OHRI to be in compliance with FHIR IG


Attendees: Ian, Bashir, Joachim, Ankit, Christina, Daniel, Grace Nakiguli, Grace Potma, Jan, Jen, Jessie Anker, Bett, Joseph Kaweesi, Medhavi Srivastava, Moses, Patric, Piotr, Sri Maurya, Tendo


What we want out of this call:

  • Review the FHIR Board (
  • Begin discussions around support for CBS/Case Reporting

FHIR Board Review

  • Use epics to track larger pieces of work, documentation
  • Current Priorities:
    • Patient Lists for OpenMRS - by Bett from AMPATH
    • Support creating Encounters - by Medhavi 
      • Allows to create Encounters via the FHIR API. So FHIR Encounters are mapped to OMRS Encounters; adding in bit of metadata to differentiate them. Close to being merged. 
    • Microfrontend Support - by Christina & Ian
      • Christina to go through 3.0 Demo to i.d. where REST API is being relied on instead of the FHIR API; log those gaps as tickets and begin work on those.
    • Lab Workflow - documentation ongoing by Piotr from ITECH
    • Support for FHIR Clients - 
    • FHIR2 Module Improvements
  • Christine will add tickets/address gaps
  • Process: managing prioritization, assignments, documentation
    • Prioritization
      • Will have overlapping work/complex dependencies across epics
      • Linking tickets - something to try
      • Talk through dependencies
      • Look at short list every week - this should reflect current priorities
    • Delegate assignments on each call
    • Documentation:

2021-03-16 Squad Call

  • What we want out of this call:
    • Clarity on FHIR Squad roadmap
    • Explore using FHIR IGs to capture FHIR module capabilities
  • Squad note-taking conventions
    • Take the notes in real-time on the OpenMRS Wiki
    • Bold key points, action items, key decisions
    • Note taker: start each call by asking for a note taker. No volunteers = someone is voluntold
  • Roadmap
    • New FHIR module release
      • Subscriptions will not be in the next release
      • Need to be able to create resources for lab orders, med orders, encounters, visits
      • FHIR-based patient lists
    • Role of FHIR module vis a vis FHIR Squad
      • FHIR module is the basis for supporting FHIR, provides infrastructure
      • FHIR module is not the home for everything FHIR-related
        • Request, sending is part of the FHIR module
        • Collecting, storing data is with a particular/relevant module
        • FHIR module should not depend on anything else besides the OpenMRS platform
      • Actual workflow does not belong in the FHIR module, but is the responsibility of OpenMRS platform or other modules that rely upon the FHIR module for the infrastructure to support FHIR bundles/pathways
      • Work to integrate CR, MPI belongs in the FHIR module
  • FHIR IGs
    • How to translate the conceptual requirements into a format that we can use to describe capabilities and test them (long term - conformance testing) +1
    • Write an “OpenMRS FHIR IG” to use for our base requirements/boundaries for FHIR module and other modules?
    • Be sure that we’re actually documenting what we’re implementing
      • IGs help others reproduce this
      • Document specific choices we’ve made for LIS
    • Define the boundaries of the FHIR module
    • OHRI + integration with other systems
    • Current FHIR IG
    • Need to document capabilities and boundaries as SOP for developing on the FHIR module
  • JIRA
    • Lots of issues/tickets created - some too general
    • Epics created to group tickets - good!
    • Can we tie epics to documentation of requirements on the Wiki?  So that folks like Patric and Jan could review and make sure the requirements are representative of what is needed for an implementation.  Then look at epics+tickets to see if the work is assigned, etc.
    • Sprints: use it to double check being on track - have mini-backlogs - board view could see which epic are getting attention.
    •  Use Jira board to help gain clarity on priorities
  • QA
    • Acceptance testing still lies with the team creating the work (fhir squad), wont be shifting testing to an outside team - but…
      • May create a ticket in JIRA for QA support on a specific “thing” to be tested outside of the team (such as those participating on the QA team)
      • “Edit issue -> “Components” change to “QA” -- this will make this issue show up for the QA team to address, or have a QA automation engineer to work on automating a test for this (Such as Kawees
  • Action items
    •   Grace Potma Ian Bacher to meet today to set up a sprint model that reflects current priorities
    •  Others to give feedback on Jira board by the end of the week
  • Recordings

2021 FHIR Squad Meeting Notes (January 1 - March 9)

2019-2020 FHIR Squad Meeting Notes