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Comment: added more description about the module


  1. Making the app easily extendable, i.e. Abstracting out common functionalities which almost all implementers would require into a jitpack library.Making a reference hello world module using the common functionlities encapsulated in the Jitpack library and document it, something like this but for android client. for detailed information this Talk post might be useful which presents the problem which we want to solve by making the app more easily extendable for the implementers.
  2. Creating a small module ( lets say hello world module ), Using the encapsulated library depicting clearly how to use that jitapack library from scratch, for e.g. the module could be anything like fetching the list of patients or providers.  
  3. Implementing a robust offline structure for the various functionalities of the app (which covers currently only the provider module).
  4. Make the app more stable and reduce crashes checking backward compatibility issues testing on lower API devices.
  5. Integrate more components of the web app to the client (to be discussed further).

Extra Credits

  1. additional Additional : Continue Migrating the remaining 80% codebase to kotlin.
  2. additional Additional : Start converting MVP pattern to MVVM as it follows the new standard guideline brought by Google.
  3. additional Additional : Re-design Home screen with a better UI. JirashowSummaryfalseserverOpenMRS IssuesserverId45c5771b-fa4b-3e43-b34a-c19dc45ccc95keyAC-906


  1. A doctor does not have access to a PC, but his Android phone is available to use during office hours.
  2. No internet connectivity and a doctor needs to work offline temporarily.