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  1. Start OpenMRS server.
  2. Log in to your server as administrator.
  3. On the administration interface, select System Administration > Manage Modules > Add/upgrade modules.
    The Upload Module dialogue displays.
  4. Select the Upload Module button.
    A file browser window displays.
  5. Browse to myfirstmodule / omod/target / myfirstmodule-1.0.0SNAPSHOT.omod, and select the Upload Module button.
    A message window displays: ‘Please wait while we complete the actions!’ This will take some time.
    When the upload process is complete you will see a window displays displaying module details:

    You’ve successfully deployed your first module to the server. 


In your browser, type in the UrlURL:

Your hello world message displays is displayed at the bottom of the page:

Take a  look at this comprehensive example to learn how to customise customize your first module