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  1. You have installed:
  2. If you are using Windows 10, you need to use PowerShell as Administrator; if you are using Ubuntu, you need to be the root user.
    To enter the root user mode on Ubuntu, type the following on your terminal window:

    Code Block
    sudo -i sudo -s

    Note: Without PowerShell or root user mode, the installation will fail.

    3. You Windows users may also need to swap the SDK over to using TCP instead of HTTP connections. You can expose Docker via TCP (instead of just via HTTP) . This is doable in via Docker Desktop through the following setting:

You'll also need to modify the dockerHost in the SDK properties file (found in C:\Users\“youruser”\openmrs\ Change the "dockerHost=" line to "dockerHost=tcp://".

Without this you may encounter the following error: "Unsupported protocol scheme found: '". More info here.

Install OpenMRS SDK

  1. To install OpenMRS SDK on your system, type:

    Code Block
    	mvn org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:setup-sdk

  2. To test the installation, type:

    Code Block
    	mvn openmrs-sdk:help

    When the installation is successful, the screen displays:

    Code Block
       [INFO] Scanning for projects...
       [INFO] ------------------< org.apache.maven:standalone-pom >-------------------
       [INFO] Building Maven Stub Project (No POM) 1
       [INFO] --------------------------------[ pom ]---------------------------------
       [INFO] --- openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:3.13.6:help (default-cli) @ standalone-pom ---
       OpenMRS SDK 3.13.6

    For more info, see SDK documentation: