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The current OpenMRS logo was designed in 2008 by BrandEquity. The logo's visual element has many undertones, including the medical cross symbol, the global reach of OpenMRS, and the multiple organizations and individuals who came together to found OpenMRS. The wordmark is set in Avenir 55 Roman. OpenMRS is a registered trademark in the United States owned by OpenMRS LLC, Inc., the same organization that oversees supports our open source community and holds the copyright to the majority of the OpenMRS core software itself. The OpenMRS logo as shown on this page is also a trademark of OpenMRS LLC, Inc.

Orientation and Spacing

The OpenMRS logo was designed as a unit; the cross and wordmark should generally remain together and with appropriate spacing between the elements.


It is important to use the official colors when duplicating the logo. CMYK should be used for print materials, and RGB colors should be used for electronic materials.

Sample Color



RGB (Web)

Image Modified

0C 75M 100Y 0K

Red: 242
Green: 101
Blue: 34


Image Modified

75C 75M 0Y 0K

Red: 91
Green: 87
Blue: 166


Image Modified

0C 35M 100Y 5K

Red: 238
Green: 166
Blue: 22


Image Modified

90C 0M 50Y 20K

Red: 0
Green: 147
Blue: 132


Image Modified

0C 0M 0Y 100K

Red: 35
Green: 31
Blue: 32



Original Adobe Illustrator and PostScript files of the logo are available for download.