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 i. Ensure to have done step one in Setup wizard above 

    cd openmrs-contrib-qaframework

ii.  Navigate into qaframework-bdd-tests module

  cd openmrsqaframework-contribbdd-qaframeworktests

iii. Install the dependencies required to run the tests by running the command:

    npm install

iv.Trigger 3.x tests by running the command:

    npm cypress open

    Note: See a list of registered commands that can trigger specific test workflow by running the command:

    npm run

    Example npm run refapp3Login triggers the login workflow

How to Update Node version

Check the current version you have:

 npm -v

Clear npm cache

  sudo npm cache clean -f

Install or upgrade npm globally specifying syntax n , n means the version number of npm
  sudo npm install -g n

or you can simply use 

  sudo n stable : 
To install the stable version of npm