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titleProject Home Base (Go Here to Get Started)

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titleWeekly Squad Call Info

Thursdays at 4pm UTC / 9:30pm IST/ 7pm EAT / 5pm CET / 11am ET / 8am PT  (GCal link here)

(lightbulb) Join link:

(question) Slack Channel:

Topic Parking Lot

titleUX Design Topics Parking Lot

(lightbulb)Things to discuss on a UX/product design call, outside of squad calls(lightbulb)

  • Referrals from Ciaran: flow for creating a referral (b/c part of NCD Clinical views). Probably a view of a basket with this kind of order in there too
  • In-chart notifications
  • Grace - TALK If DOB unknown, but have Age Estimate - set DOB to Jan 1 or June 1?
  • Better Error Page: "Oops!"
    serverOpenMRS Issues
  • Design for deceased patient
  • Design for deceased patientPagination 
  • 3.0.1/SWR Implications: Design for "Loading / Stale but Updating

titleArchitecture Design Topics Parking Lot

(warning)Things to discuss on a architectural design call, outside of squad calls(warning)

  • Reduce run-time of page loads
  • DX: Clean up garbage warnings in PRs
  • Tech debt: Clean up sllight disscrepencies in tech approach btwn esm-pt-chart and esm-pt-management
  • Form Recordability: Realistic clinician workflow: form → updating conditions. All should be form-recordable (e.g. conditions). Starting with associating with encounter; how do you know which condition was added first - should see in the order that you collected them, and see where .

Meeting Notes


2022-04-25: Design call: Appointments, Summary designs

O3 Appointments designs: Presentation by Lousa Yogo (Palladium):

Note there are some built-in things to help with Decision Making:

Yellow Flags: help with decision making by person booking the appointment - e.g. with Caroline above, you wouldn't want to book an appointment 6 months from now, because she's already known to have followup/attendance problems. 

Load balancing: Help provider choose a date that's not already going to be hectic


  • How to handle pts who have appointments with multiple services in a day? (Kote)
  • How to update the appointment date if the patient cancelled but is coming another day? (Eric)

Patient Summary designs: Presentation by Paul Adams (Sonder Design / Ampath)

Paul has been reflecting on the custom HIV Summary widget created by Ampath, which we observed was very loved and heavily used by end users of many types (eg retention, clinician)



2022-03-31 - 

Previous Visit Tab added to Service Queues - by Kennedy Makombe, Palladium


Samuel demo'd support for grouping menu items in the Clinic Dashboard left  nav bar



KEMR 3.x test envi now has HTS forms - not difficult because concepts all ready to go. For their server, added some config

How to configure recommended forms (recommended forms are driven by Visit type)

Visit UUID

Form validation becomes tricky

Task: Next button: First instinct is to press "save" button to go to next page

Onboarding support for BAs to Form Builder: Training video & Login instructions

Ampath: Start visit, triage, clinical consult form


  • Managing lists of patients and tables, along with lists supported by backend

  • Big complicated forms with lots of logic

Lab Lite: Designs shared by Abinhab, Akhil, and Nouman

Trigger event: Patient walks in with a hard-copy result or report in their hand

#of appointments booked should be showing: 

Use api from common O3 appointment module, and we can query that 


2022-03-24 Squad Call

Attendees: Grace Potma, Dennis Kigen, 

Registration of Anonymous Patients / with unknown names: Progress shared by Zac Butko (Mekom)

serverOpenMRS Issues

API Mocking: Dennis MSW Seamless - inspired by 

Turborepo is

Registration: Support for custom text-only attributes

serverOpenMRS Issues
(e.g. Birthplace and Citizenship text support) added by Vineet (Mekom) 


CI Builds taking 22 mins → 7 mins. Reason: Remote computation caching enabled - so anytime you want to re-run stuff in a cache, it can just fetch them when it rebuilds. (Previoiusly needed to re-run the command just within the form entry app)

Joshua Nsereko : 

Dispensing App: This just in: Mike Seaton (PIH) has created a hello-world for the dispensing app!  Still some backend changes to be made, some more planning needed. 

Updates from the field:

Ampath expanded the 3.x pilot to 3 clinics' clinicians (desktop), and 1 triage nurse (tablet) and 1 receptionist (tablet)
PIH Peru is making the vitals form button configurable with an Ampath form (direct request from PIH Peru!) Brandon (PIH). Socios En Salud (SES / PIH Peru, with @Miguel Andres Huamani Pacheco) need an O3 appointments module. 

2022-03-21 Design Call

Dr. Jacob Odihambo

User Feedback on Chrolonogical Timeline feature Maze feedback

Lousa has done some OpenMRS 3.x mockups

Need for an intermediary page before the area-specific dashboard

(Same as left hand nav)


App switcher use case

Left nav convention


Review of Order designs - to get Maze out asap. 

Poll on Meeting Time (because daylight savings change this weekend): 

Attendees: Romain, Vineet, Zac, Amos, Arther Mugume, Brandon, Burke, Ciaran (Ampath), Daniel (OMRS), Deb (Vol), Donald (Ampath), Fred (_), Dennis (Ampath), Zac (Mekom), Vineet (Mekom), 

Dennis: Queues: Data coming from backend now


Actual patients being called from backend, real priority levels (no longer hard-coded examples), Pt search, Advanced pt search!

Vineet demo'd infinity loading for login locations; changes to implementer tools

Zac demo'd Tree Filtering

Array takes default concept UUID but this can be further config'd in implementer tools

Brandon demo'd linking and new model for Groups

Way to add left nav element using config: Generic extension called navGroup that isn't attached to any one extension by default. Add to pt chart


PR Reviews: 

  • esm-core: Brandon (PIH), Vineet (Mekom), Dennis (Ampath), Deb Nanfuka (Volunteer)
  • esm-patient-chart: Donald (Ampath), 

2022-03-07 Design Call

2022-03-3 Squad Call

  • Attendees: Vineet (Mekom), Grace (OMRS)< Kumuditha (Vol), Deb (Vol), Eric A (Ampath), Samuel (UCSF), Sonia (ICRC), Ciaran (Ampath), Jesse Kyambadde (_), Derrick (Ampath), Irene (Vol), Donald (Ampath), Romain (Mekom), Juliet (Vol), Jushua (Vol), Pius (UCSF), Joseph Kagimu (_), Sumedha (Vol), Zac (Mekom), Ian (Brown), Brandon (PIH), JJ (Ampath), Jon T (Vol) 
  • Announcement re Translation Mappings layer for Ampath Forms Engine, and Custom Component support in Ampath Forms (need to update documentation) 

  • Weekly Frontend Core PR Contributor Recognition:
    • esm-core: Dennis (Ampath), Donald (Ampath), Ian (Brown), Brandon (PIH)
    • esm-patient-management: Dennis (Ampath), Brandon (PIH), Donald (Ampath)
    • esm-patient-chart: 


2022-02-28 Design Call

Attendees: Grace (OMRS), JJ (Ampath), Ciaran (Ampath), Paul (UCSF), Eric (Ampath), Delphine (ICRC), John Esplana (ICRC), Jon Teich (Vol), Wamz (UCSF), Lousa (Palladium), Romain (Mekom), Zac (Mekom)

  • Maze for Chronological view
  • Appointments Planning
    • ICRC has already used Bahmni Appointments alongside OpenMRS 2.x - that was developed by ThoughtWorks. When user clicks on "Appointments", takes to these screens: Widgets were developed for ICRC to show on the 2.x User Experience / pt dashboard. 
      • ICRC patient chart appointments-related widgets are here:  
    • Expectation is that we would develop custom widgets for the 3.x patient chart
    • Backend; Would bring in OMOD needed to support Bahmni Appointments on backend. 
      • Plan: Grace set up Appointments team huddle w/ UCSF, Palladium, and Mekom/ICRC reps
  • Referrals Update from Ciaran:  
    • Concern voiced that search bar in orders bar is not so visually obvious. Ciaran to look at calling it out a bit clearer. 
  • Test Results Tree  
    • Discussion on how to visualize nodes in the tree that have no data - Ciaran and Zac to continue online
  • Review of Bahmni Consult Workflow
      • Thoughtful process went into creating this flow for a consultation.
      • But, feedback from users is, would like to see patient data while doing form. 
      • Two key takeaways: 
        • Structure of flow (via the tabs on top)
        • Integration of multiple forms: Ability to add additional Forms (so user doesn't have to pick one specific form from the start)
          • JJ and Wamz: I like this as a clinician because then I can do Diabetes stuff and HIV stuff in one place; don't have to open different form. I can do PMTCT, TB, etc - all that as one workflow.  
          • We could accomplish this by using the existing model of Ampath Forms' "Component Forms" - breaking forms down into smaller units that get pulled in
          • Thinking of these mini-forms as "pages", and a way to bring in those pages

2022-02-25 Squad Call

Attendees: Grace (OMRS), Zac (Mekom), JJ (Ampath), Brandon (PIH), Daniel (OMRS), Deb (Vol), Donald (Ampath), Eric (Ampath), Irene (Vol), Jonathan T (Vol), Lars (UCSF), Pius (UCSF), Pasindu (Vol), Romain (Mekom), Jen (OMRS), Arthur (Vol)

New Epic to Track Backend Needs:

serverOpenMRS Issues
We encourage all devs to create tickets where they feel they are doing acrobatics to get the data they need from the backend. Our frontend team is in the best position to know where things are unnecessarily burdensome when it comes to interactions with the backend


esm-patient-management: Vineet (Mekom), 

esm-patient-chart: Donald (Ampath), Kennedy (Palladium), Dennis (Ampath), Piumal (Vol), Brandon (PIH)

2022-02-21 Design Call

Attendees: Eric A (Ampath), JJ (Ampath), Burke (OMRS), Grace (OMRS), Ciaran (Ampath), Zac (Mekom), Delphine (ICRC), Jonathan T (Vol), Paul (UCSF), Lousa (Palladium)

Clarification of Chart Header Navigation patterns

Need to have 100% consensus about pt chart overlay/nav

Realization that we have some philosophical design questions to clear up

- can user quit a patient chart halfway throgh and come back to it?
- does patient chart render in different ways across different apps (outpatient, pharmacy)
- notifications are always accesssible

Plan for distributing Maze for Chronological View

Paul will 

2022-02-17 Squad Call

Attendees: Grace, Burke, Brandon (PIH), Ciaran (Ampath), Daniel (OMRS), Dennis (Ampath), Derrick (Ampath), Donald (Ampath), Eric (Ampath), fred, Grace B (Vol), Ian (Brown), Jesse Kyambadde, JJ (Ampath), Jonathan T (Vol), Lars (UCSF), Makome Ken (Palladium), Manuel (Mkeom), Pius Piru (UCSF), Samuel Male (UCSF), Settimba (Volunteer), Sharif (Volunteer), Sumedha (Volunteer), Sonia (ICRC), Zac (Mekom) 

Issues: Caching of pt Active Visit stage


  • Ampath Pilot / Clinical Testing update from Eric A: 3 users using! & sharing feedback from 1 week of clinical testing. Issues have been listed & prioritized and are already under development. 
    • Next: Want to introduce Triage form + Differentiated Care Form, and then add Nurse users (smile) 
    • Side navigation while still being able to view pt chart is a compliment. Clinicians finding they can go through chart faster than before. 
  • Donald: fixed form layout and now left nav sticks to left 
  • Dennis: Vitals header title: Abnormal results get flagged
  • Zac: Filtered view! For labs
  • Kennedy Makombe (Palladium): Queues
    • Need home page dashboard switching → once this feature done
    • Notion of "home page" is not super clear. Clarity on where people go when they get to the site. 
  • PR Contributor Recognition:

    • esm-patient-chart: Donald (Ampath), Dennis (Ampath), Zac (Mekom), Piumal (Volunteer), Brandon (PIH), Manuel (Mekom), 
    • esm-patient-management: Dennis (Ampath), Cynthia Kamau (Palladium), Vineet (Mekom), Donald (Ampath)
    • esm-core: Brandon (PIH), Manuel (Mekom), Florian (Mekom)

    Updated Contributing Guidelines 

2022-02-14: Design Call:

Attendees: Paul A (UCSF), Wamz (UCSF), JJ (Ampath), Burke (OMRSInc), Grace (OMRSInc), Ciaran (Ampath), David (PIH), Lousa (Palladium), Zac (Mekom), Dr Jonathan Teich (Volunteer)

  • Figma Update: Still planning to transition from Sketch to Figma in Q1 this year (just building the designs into Figma manually - Carbon doesn't automatically update Figma like it does Sketch → requires manual updates going forward)
  • PIH concerns re Dispensing designs
    • How to handle scenario where patient has a paper Rx, esp. not from this facility/none of your facilities' providers
  • OHRI Work Updates
    • Summary Tile pulled out of the feed; sits above the chronological info
    • Visual view: 
      • Could there be an icon (instead of colored line) to indicate what type of thing happened (e.g. medication)
      • Maze user testing link ready for sharing around tomorrow (thanks Paul) (smile) (smile) (smile) 
      • Concern discussed: just showing only encounters/visits for one type of condition (e.g. only HIV-related visits in the HIV Clinical View) could cause clinician to miss important other visits also going on (e.g. NCD interactions). Wamathaga Kamau & Paul A to discuss and get back to us. 

2022-02-10: Squad Call

Attendees: Brandon (PIH), Grace (OMRS), JJ (Ampath), Anjula (Volunteer), Burke (OMRS), Daniel (OMRS), Deb (Volunteer), Derrick (Ampath), Dimitri (Mekom), Eric (Ampath), Fred, Grace B (Volunteer), Irene N (Volunteer), Jayasanka (Volunteer), Joachim (Volunteer), Jon Teich (Volunteer), Kumuditha (Volunteer), Manuel (Mekom), Pasindu (Volunteer), Piumal (Volunteer), Pius Piru (UCSF), Romain (Mekom), Samuel (UCSF), Seremba, Sharif (Volunteer), Sonia Madureira (ICRC), Sumedha (Volunteer), tendo (Volunteer), Vineet (Mekom), Zac (Mekom)

Offline actions demo by Manuel. Note re updates to Sync API.  Also now preventing manual ID creation in offline mode. 

Workspace refactor done - shared by Brandon (PIH). (New API demo'd last time.) Now possible to launch pt chart with the workspace open (e.g. to kick off workflow of "start visit". Additional props can be propagated. No raise condition btwn workspace and chart. 

Turning Timeline component into first-class citizen - Zac (Mekom)

Proof of concept:

Demo from Vineet (Mekom) of 

Demo of E2E workflow updates from Jayasanka, Piumal (Volunteers). Docker image for 3.x server not running. To discuss online. 

Going to live on HIV Care and Treatment Page.

PR Contributor Recognition:

  • esm-patient-chart: Brandon (PIH), Manuel (Mekom), Donald (Ampath), Zac (Mekom), Psousa (ICRC), Piumal (Volunteer). Release done for patient chart - thanks Brandon!
  • esm-patient-management: Dennis (Ampath), Ian (Brown), Vineet (Mekom), Cynthia (Palladium), Joshua N (Volunteer) (Release now at v 3.1, thanks Brandon and Ian)
  • esm-core: Manuel (Mekom), Vineet (Mekom), Brandon (PIH), Ian (Brown) (Note new FAQ docs, thanks Brandon!)

2022-02-07: Design Call

Attendees: Zac (Mekom), Burke, Eric A (Ampath), Grace, Wamz (UCSF), JJ (Ampath), Lousa (Palladium), Kote (Palladium), Paul A (UCSF), Ciaran (Ampath), Jon T, Delphine (ICRC), David (PIH)

Production Pilot went live at Ampath! Key Feedback Items for this team to be aware of:

  • Simpler Lab View: Want to see a basic / simpler view. Need to uncouple Overview Panels as a primary way of navigating labs. 
    • Clinicians seeing a very specific type of condition will want a simple table with specific labs
    • Clinicians seeing a broad base of patients with many possible conditions are more likely to appreciate the "latest results" inbox experience that the Overview offers
    • Eventually, we want folks to be able to both filter and one simpler view
  • Auto-Update the Page when I add info: Follow up on thursday call

Referrals Update: Ciaran working on this

HIV Summary Visual Updates:

  • Chronological view of Summary (within a Clinical View's context)
    • Leverages Series of Flags defined by Wamz, e.g. High viral load, changes to Enrollment, transferred out, etc. Significant support and interest in this view expressed from Palladium, Ampath, PIH representatives.

  • We Agreed on a new Convention of Action Buttons to increase Efficiency of EMR Use
  • Clarified & agreed on difference between:
    • Dashboard switching
        • Confirmed: My Dashboards is a component convention. And is a vanilla part of Carbon. (In future may also have a "pack" of icons)
    • Dashboard filtering

2022-02-03 Squad call

Attendees: Grace P, Eric A, Anjula, Brandon, Burke, Ciaran, Daniel K, Deb, Donald Kibet, Fred, Ian, Joshua N, Juliet, Lily, Paul Adams, Piumal R, Pius Piru, Sharif, Vineet, Zac, JJ

  • Welcome Zac, new Sr Frontend Dev with Mekom
  • Ampath pilot going live tomorrow! Demo of end-to-end system by Eric Achillah. 2 clinicians to start to use. 
  • What npms to release? Donald to confirm and follow up w/ Brandon. 
  • only 2 widgets are ampath-specific (e.g. HIV Summary table); the rest are community widgets that were configured or improved in community code directly. 
  • Referrals review on monday
  • PRs this week: Congrats and thanks to Kennedy (Palladium), Cynthia Kamau (Palladium), Donald (Ampath), Dennis (Ampath), Manuel (Mekom), Vineet (Mekom), Brandon (PIH), Piumal (Volunteer), Ian (Brown)
  • Brandon announced work on performance improvement
  • Celebrate completed PRs (congratulate and request issues be closed)


2022-01-31: Design Call




Attendees: Grace, Eric A, Sonia Maduerira, Donald Kibet, Anjula Shanaka, Brandon, Burke, Ciaran, Daniel, Fred, Ian, Irene, Jayasanka, JJ, Jonathan T, Juliet, Kumuditha Karunarathna, Lilian Mathu, Manuel Romer, Pius Piru, Samuel Male, Settimba, Sumedha Karunarathna

Ampath shared they are almost ready for the production pilot. 3.x now running on top of production DB. Expecting to go live with patient care within the next few weeks. 

Donald shared a few bug fixes and that now Text-based test results (e.g. postive, negative, indeterminate) now showing. 

Vineet shared responsiveness fixes for the registration page, and editing of relationships. 

Kumuditha and Jayasanka shared accomplishment: Patient search now running on dockerized environment. Fixed 2min load time for some features. Next: get existing tests to run in there as well. 

Brandon: re-working workspace extension system in esm-patient-common-lib. Self-contained system with self-contained API. 'launchPatientWorkspace(' function now accepts 'additionalProps?' object. Means groups like OHRI won't have to have additional layer in order to pass props through; can launch props directly on the workspace. Also updates to 'registerWorkspace function' (currently workspaces have been a type of extension; now will have their own API.)

Timeline of readiness: Within next week. 

Breakage: Any uses of detach will need to be changed. 

2022-01-Design Call

In-chart Notifications 

Opening Forms from Form icon

Clinical views

2022-01-20 Squad Call

Attendees: Grace, Brandon, Anjula, Burke, Ciaran, Daniel K, David, Donald, Ian, Irene, Jayasanka, Jesse Kyambadde, JJ, Juliet, Kumuditha, Manuel, Pasindu, Piumal, Pius, Samuel, Sumedha, Vineet

New PR approval strategy - JJ approving small things so quickly unblocked

New slack channels: #openmrs3-helpme (support for folks getting started with 3.x), and #tech-tips (any tech content folks have found helpful and interesting and would like to share)


  • Whitelabelling / brand color changes: Config has been set up to change these relatively easily. Most can be handled without code through the implementer tool. 


  • Kumuditha led the E2E test team as they continue to break down the work - investigated each of the tests for why failures are happen:
    Widget Connector
  • Grace demo'd very large real-world form now added to spa, dev3, and o3 for testing & demo purposes - "HIV Adult Return Visit form"
  • Manu demo'd ability to register a new patient and complete a form OFFLINE, and then successfully sync when back in connection! Issue to fix: Offline visit being shown as "Facility Visit" - because UUID for facility visit is hardcoded. JJ and Manu to follow up on fixing. Planning to merge in next few days. 

Request for Patient Management Release

2022-01-17: Design Call

Attendees: Grace P, Ciaran, Wamz, JJ, Jonathan T, Eric A, Eric K, Jacob Odhiambo, Keziah, Kote, Lousa, Irene N

Priority Topic: Consensus Left Nav patterns

Back/Next vs continuous scroll


Attendees: Grace P, Donald, Jonathan T, Lars, Arthur Mugume, Brandon, Burke, Ciaran, David, Dennis, Irene, Jayasanka, JJ, Pius, Pasindu, Burke, Jonathan Odora, Eudson, Lilian Mathu



  • Ampath pilot
  • Left Nav Bar
  • Forms Designs - Form Embedded view: Showing extensions in a form/form-based workflow: e.g. Allergies, Conditions, Orders (most complex)
    • Next steps for Embedding Info: week or so for adapting to tablet
    • Mockup in progress for "view" of completed clinical form
    • Todo for Paul & Ciaran: Need to sync Back and Next vs continuous scroll
  • Orders strategy
  • Designer Onboarding
  • Ideas for Product Design session conventions in 2022

Need to implement toggle for Timeline/


Proposal by Brandon, Ian & Jayasanka: Running tests in dockerized image of OMRS3 instead of in the environment. 

2021 Meeting Notes

2020 Meeting Notes

2019 Notes & Recordings