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NumberPrioritySummaryRequestorStatusJIRA tickets
exampleHigh, Med, Low
ie. Partners In Health, CIEL, AMPATH, MSF, Bahmni, etcie. ongoing, completed, incompleteOMRSOCL-xx
Create an Organisation in ocl


Manage Users to access an organisation.The organization needs to be created in OCL which allows a group of people to access and manage the concepts in that organization.MSF,PIH,AMPATH

Create a source in openmrs for custom concepts that are not in any standard libraryMSF,PIH,AMPATH

Create a collection,All these collections would be a combination of standardized concepts plus custom concepts.MSF,PIH,AMPATH

Importing concepts from CEIL multiple references for example CIEL, and these can be added to the various collectionsMSF,PIH6Ability to import concepts from more sources (such as SNOMED, ICD, ICH,etc)MSF7Bulk import custom concepts into a source,Custom concepts that are currently maintained in an offline document,  needs to be imported as a bulk to avoid spending time in creating these concepts one-by-one in OCL source.MSF,AMPATH

Add custom concepts into a source,Custom concept to be added during the below scenarios: 1. When there is no relevant concept available in any standard source 2. When the concept set doesn't meet the use case 3. When the units or any attributes of the standard concept is not relevant to the use caseMSFMSF,PIH,AMPATH

Edit the properties of custom concept and If any changes are done to a custom concept in the source, take those changes to all the collections where the concept is being used.MSF,PIH

10Remove  concepts concepts from a collectionMSF11
Release the latest version of the collectionMSF12Preview and accept changes done in a concept13The changes needs to be reviewed at each collection before updating. This is to ensure that users are aware of changes done to each collection before updating.MSF,PIH,AMPATH

From these use cases: