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  • - The logical identifier of the Task resource
  • Task.status - The current status of the Task, represented using states from this state machine. The OpenMRS implementation supports requested, accepted, rejected, and completed states. 
  • Task.intent - Represents the actionability of the Task. The current OpenMRS implementation supports only the order value for this element. 
  • Task.basedOn - A reference to the ServiceRequest resource that represents the order that caused the creation of this Task.
  • Task.encounter - The healthcare event (e.g. a patient and healthcare provider interaction) during which this task was created
  • Task.for - The entity who benefits from the performance of the service specified in the task (e.g., the patient).
  • Task.owner - Individual organization or Device currently responsible for task execution.
  • Task.inputs input- Information needed for performing the Task.
  • Task.outputs output - Information produced by performing the Task.