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Support NeededNotes and Slides


Mozambique Priority Use Case

High priority roadmap features/issues related to the application of OpenMRS and its distributions in Mozambique.

So of the topics that are currently relevant include:

  • Extending Atom feed sync between Bahmni and OpenERP (does not exist at the moment)
  • Sync2 extensions to support centralisation 
  • Initializer Module extensions
  • Data Migration
    • Sync2 alternative
    • Pentaho Data Integration

Extending Bahmni Integration with DHIS2

Work on support for Bahmni integration with DHIS2

See here for more info: 

  • Existing repository (Possible Health):

File sharing:

Reporsitory to work on:

How to install maven in centos 6:

  • Add configuration to validate data sent, for example data element x is mandatory
  • Add configuration for scheduling where the period can be selected
  • Add a view of the activity logs
  • Add Day as a period
Learning about SPA / Microfrontends

There will be some people from the Microfrontends Squad at the hackathon to help people get started with Microfrontends and Single-SPA, the technologies behind the new OpenMRS front-end initiative.

Please note that we will expect some familiarity with Javascript and React. If either of these technologies is new to you, please see the following tutorials (they cover the minimum that participants will be expected to understand).

Javascript on CodeAcademy

React Tutorial

If you already have a good grip on both of those technologies, you can get a head start by doing The Single-SPA Tutorial and browsing around the OpenMRS Microfrontends Wiki.

OpenMRS and FHIRThere has been some recent work on the FHIR module and a working group set up looking at OpenMRS and FHIR. This session will focus on the use of FHIR in the OpenMRS community and look for opportunities to extend support for FHIR. This will likely include some focus on the WHO CDS topic below.

OpenMRS/Bahmni Data Exchange and Interoperability with openIMIS

There is ongoing work  for interfacing with various tools and workflows (OpenMRS Bahmni, DHIS2), leveraging the OpenHIM and other HIE components:

  • Beneficiary enrollment
    • Check enrollment status
    • Check beneficiary balance
  • Claim submission
    • Track status of claim
    • Resubmit rejected claim
  • Indicator Reporting
  • Interactions with other HIE components e.g. Product Registry, Terminology Services


WHO-ITU - Module 4 - OpenHIE and OpenHIM - 2019

OpenHIM Mapping Mediator Specification

openIMIS Workflows

OpenHIM Mapping Mediator:

OpenHIM Mediator Tutorials:

Slides: openIMIS @ OMRS19 Hackathon

WHO Clinical Decision Support

The World Health Organization (WHO) Computable Care Guidelines working group has been working on Clinical Decision Support using FHIR/CQL and have set up a simplified reference implementation to make it easier for POS applications to interact with this. The aim of this session is to support practical investigations into how Bahmni and OpenMRS could engage/interface with this.


WHO Computable Guidelines

Slides: WHO CCG @ OMRS19 Hackathon