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Global Impression

  1. Navigation seems to be working smoothly in this new version
  2. Not always clear to people that 'Chart' Is the top of the navigation...will add the label 'Chart' to the top of the Chart page.
  3. Everyone really likes the AMPATH Clinical Summaries pages (e.g. therapy summary, medication change summary, overall clinical summary, return date, etc) this time though, this information is not available in OpenMRS standard data model...

NOTE: all 3 users in this test figured out how the breadcrumbs work without any extra help. Though, they had to be prompted to figure out how to navigate the chart using a tool other than the browser back button.


  • No navigation issues.
  • She did try to click on the boxes on the final page which are non clickable....that didn't have arrows to show they are clickable. I think she was trying to find more information there as the page was limited, but need to monitor to make sure ppl are still not confused trying to click on things.
  • Wants to see more in 


  • tries to use the back button when they get to a page to go back to the prior page
  • but finds the breadcrumbs quickly when asked for an alternative way to go backward
  • For allergies: would be nice to include field of what treatments were given
  • For oncology would like to see
    • list of drugs
    • list of when their follow up dates are for oncology appointments
    • history of surgeries
  • For conditions, would like to have a list of items, and then the person can select 'yes or no'. That way pertinent negatives have been captures as well.


  • Would like to see old summaries