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Testing and Continuous Integration Setup for the OCL client


There are 4 environments to be aware of for this project:

  1. The two current OCL for OpenMRS environments:
    1. QA:
      1. This is the staging environment. Merge here, and use for UAT. Has the latest code commits and is reset with each code deployment.
      2. Lighter-weight than production with ~2,000 concepts.
      3. Pushing to master rebuilds QA, resets DB. Currently, CIEL Sources and users persist, but other sources and collections reset. We need sources and especially collections to persist in QA (following up on this in Sprint 32).
    2. Demo:
      1. This is for sharing with the world what we've got. It should be a demo of production for implementers to use as they experiment with the offering.
      2. Has the same code as production and is reset daily.
      3. Larger content set: ~50,000 concepts.
  2. The old OCL for OpenMRS website:
  3. The central, external OCL website:

CI Builds

  • The OCL web client makes use of for open source to run application builds on each branch, pull request and on master post merge.
  • setup is a two step process, first a configuration file is setup. This file can be found in the repository, here and details for how to set this up can be found in the documentation. The second step involves linking the repository to
  • This runs the build and updates the pull request to reflect the build status.


We deploy a version of the OCL Client whenever a pull request is opened on the repository and destroy it as soon as the PR is merged/ closed. A link to the deployment is added to the PR review page.

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OpenMRS OCL Client Wiki.