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FeatureDescriptionStatusPoint of ContactComments
1Implement Complete Condition ListCondition List

In progress

see Talk post

GSoC 2019 project.  Worked on by Haripriya Reddyand mentored by Daniel Kayiwa and Ellen Ball


Using Open Concept Lab (OCL) with Reference Application:

integrate Andela front end with back end

Road map: Open Concept Lab (OCL) for OpenMRS

Overview: Open Concept Lab (OCL) for OpenMRS

In Progress

see Talk post

Worked on by the Andela Team .We should work  with Daniel Kayiwa  and Darius Jazayeri to align the activities with release activities.

3Inclusion of Growth charts from CDC/WHO

In progress

see Talk post


In progress

Ticket Bord

see  current on going disccusion at
4Allow vaccination history (edit/view) from the RefApp dashboard about best options:  PIH, EzVac, Bahmni, etc

Ellen Ball  suggested that we pull this code from the PIH application:

5Bug fixes and modificationsWe have a number of  Tickets that include bug fixes and feature enhancements in the reference Application .See the Ref-app 2.10 Tickets Board here

Community members called upon to work on these tickets