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If a reference obs is found and  there is no matching obs on the existing encounter, in view mode the value for this obs will be displayed  where the obs from the encounter would normally be displayed.  Additionally, in edit mode, if a reference obs is found and there is no matching obs on the existing encounter, the reference obs will be displayed view mode, and there will be no widget for entering data.  An If allowOverride is set to true, an "Override" button will be present, and clicking it will hide the reference obs and display the standard edit widget for the field.


All existing Obs attributes are supported, with the following additional attributes added.

  • Since 3.9.0


  • allowOverride: whether or not to allow end users to override the value
    • Default: false 
  • overrideLabel: specify a custom label for the "override" button
    • Default: null  "Override"
  • tooltipTemplate: a string to display as a tooltip for reference obs; supports templated substitutions of value, encounterType, and encounterDate
    • Default:  "({{encounterType}} on {{encounterDate}})"
    showReferenceMessage: true/false whether to display the reference message
    • Default: true

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