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Comment: Add AMPATH and PIH MVP 1.0.0 Requirements


  • Create a new Implementation Dictionary, belonging to an organisation

    • Copy an existing Dictionary's Concepts and References
  • Add concepts from CIEL to an implementation dictionary
    • Remove CIEL concepts from your Dictionary
  • Create custom concepts in an implementation dictionary

    1. Retire and Un-retire custom Concepts
  • Release a version of an implementation dictionary

  • Download a Dictionary
  • Subscribe to a released implementation dictionary from a fresh OpenMRS installation of Platform + Legacy UI.

AMPATH MVP 1.0.0 Requirements

PHI MVP 1.0.0 Requirements

However this is not a sufficient MVP for Bahmni and PIH, who are the most interested and engaged consumers of this application. So our initial target is actually a bit larger than this, i.e. an MVP+.