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Note: You can only Edit and/or Retire Concepts that belong to you or to an organization of which you are a part.

Add Concepts To Your Collection (e.g. Add CIEL Concepts)

You can add existing Concepts using any of the two methods provided:


  1. Use the quick search field to find the concept of your choice within the selected source (only CIEL is available in the MVP version of the application)
  2. Click the concept of your choice from the search results and its identifier (ID) will automatically be copied into the "Concept IDs" field
  3. If you already have the Concept IDs, simply write/paste them into the Concept IDs field
  4. Click the "Add" button

Update A Concept's Version

Adding a CIEL concept adds the latest version of that concept to your collection. A later release of CIEL may update this concept with new information or mappings. If you would like to have these updates in your collection, simply remove the concept and then add it to the collection again. This will pull in the latest version of the concept once again.

Removing a concept from your collection

Clicking the remove button removes a concept from your collection.

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Create a new concept

Click "Create new concept" then select the class of the Concept you wish to create. Fill in the form with appropriate values for Names, Descriptions, Mappings, e.t.c and click "Create".


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