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  • Building a new UI from scratch called “OCL for OpenMRS”

  • It will be “official” and hosted on OCL servers

  • It will be built in a future-looking JS-based technology, and use the OCL REST API

  • It would specifically (and only) target the use case of managing OpenMRS dictionaries, so it will be less powerful but easier to use than the traditional OCL UI

The detailed concept and plan is outlined in this living doc(

Once this project is complete, a typical new OpenMRS implementation would no longer manage concepts via the OpenMRS UI at all. Instead your OpenMRS server would use the Open Concept Lab module to subscribe to a dictionary that you only manage on the cloud through this new application.


OCL's backend ( is written in Python/Django and exposes a REST API that is used by the OCL for OpenMRS client. Current deployment is at

The "OCL for OpenMRS" frontend ( is a mix of React and Redux. Current deployment is at

What is a “Dictionary” and how does this compare to OCL’s existing domain model?


  1. Add a reference to each custom concept from the other dictionary

  2. Add all references that are in the other dictionary


User Guide: Open Concept Lab (OCL) for OpenMRS

Road map: Open Concept Lab (OCL) for OpenMRS

Testing and Continuous Integration Setup for the OCL Client

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JIRA Board

Contributing to OCL for OpenMRS